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Advanced Threat Deception

New Threats, New Approach… to be continued

On February 27th, 2016, the assets of Shadow Networks were acquired by Acalvio Technologies.  The journey continues.

Today’s Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are specifically designed to evade traditional perimeter and endpoint defenses, to live inside networks often for months, undetected. Shadow Networks work to deceive and disrupt attacks under the assumption that they are already operating INSIDE the customer network, helping to protect an organization’s critical resources that are the ultimate target of the APT.

Shadow Networks’ solutions are based on patented virtualization and SDN (software-defined networking) technologies deployed at some of the most demanding and security-sensitive customers in the world.

Hide and Protect

Creates deceptive Shadow Networks that hide and protect key assets while dramatically increasing the cost to attackers

Deceive and Detect

Deceive previously undetectable attackers into revealing themselves to our platform

Contain and inspect

With our unique SDN approach, we’re able to safely contain APT attacks while observing their modus operandi, discerning their true intention for effective countermeasures

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WSJ Opinion

Next-Generation Cybersecurity Ratchets Up
Silicon Valley is jumping into the effort to find more sophisticated ways of stopping attacks like the one on Target.





Did you see us at TED?

Watch Eric Winsborrow discuss the new risks of cyber espionage and Advanced Persistent Threats, and conceptual approach on how such threats can be detected, protected against and contained.

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